Mary George of Allnorthover

Mary George of Allnorthover


Flamingo 2001

“With perceptiveness and verve, Lavinia Greenlaw charts the travails of a spunky new heroine, Mary George, caught in the treacheries and stagnancy of an English backwater in the 1970s.”
Edna O’Brien

“… the perfect setting for Greenlaw to display her natural talent for creating a sense of simmering insurrection and then holding it on a razor’s edge … This is a terrific first novel, a meteorological force in its own right.”
Marina Benjamin, The Evening Standard

“A poet’s eye clearly informs Greenlaw’s beautifully observed portrait of Seventies provincial life. In prose layered like paint, Greenlaw conjures up the period through details – petrol shortages, power cuts, particular sweets and music, the regulation mini-bottles of warm school milk – that will strike endless chords with readers who grew up at that time. Greenlaw’s nostalgia is palpable, but it is never sentimental, nor is her portrait of the eccentric but loveable Mary George – a genuinely original heroine. This is a suggestive, elusive novel, which achieves a magical effect by the gradual accumulation of images. But this outstanding debut does not lack immediacy or drama: its climax is a brutal murder.”
Katie Owen, Vogue

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