An Irresponsible Age

An Irresponsible Age

“A funny, moving and wholly involving account of people struggling belatedly to grow up and take charge of their lives.”
Peter Parker, TLS

“Greenlaw has already established herself has a significant force in British poetry. This novel seems certain to confirm her developing reputation as a writer of lively, intelligent and well-crafted fiction. “
The Guardian

“A piece of ice in the eye, chilling and disturbing, a beautiful portrait of ordinary unhappiness at its best.”
Irish Times

“There is a deep sense of imminent reckoning pervading this subtle and intriguing novel; an unspoken understanding that the irresponsibility – personal and political – must come to an end.”

“It is hard not to compare this novel with The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen’s novel about family life at the end of the twentieth century … sensuous and richly descriptive.”
Literary Review

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